december, 2020

09decAll Day11Sime Tribute at Epicenter Stockholm - Full Agenda

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This is a special year and unfortunately Sime will not happen physically.. BUT! that doesn’t mean we’ll just let leave it be. Sime-week is like Epicenter New Years and just because we won’t be able to go all in – doesn’t mean we can’t do it in a different format.

Say hello to Sime Tribute Week at Epicenter! Experience “The best of Sime” from previous years as well as new tech savvy events. All free of charge. All digital.

Check out the digital agenda! If you want to join (which of course you do), make sure to RSVP to the events individually.


  • 11:00-11.40 Future of food – a journey to the bits and and bytes of eating
    Johan Jörgensen, Sweden’s own Mr Foodtech – with us since first Sime – serves us some seriously disruptive food for thought on the future of eating. Presenting a soon to come scenario where meat is cultivated in tanks and you get your 3D printed dinner, tailor made on demand…Where food is made of data, as well as yourself, and the big question will be who’s in control of your next meal.

  • 13:00-13:40 Best of Sime Cinema, David Roberts, Singularity U
    Take the chance to reconnect with David Roberts, our highest rated Sime speaker of all times, and boost yourself with his brilliant talk on “exponential leadership”, how to create leaders who create leaders all set to make the world a better place. David is one of the world’s top experts on technology disruption, innovation, and leadership. His passion is to help improve the lives of a billion people in the world by helping leader’s create new intentions for global good. Live Commentary-session

  • 15.00-17.00 Scale up stage by Epicenter and Result
    Adrian Mc Donald, Expert on Scale, Partner at Result and guest shares the most important lessons learned by companies that managed to scale in times of the pandemic. Do’s, don’t s and useful reminders on why its’s so important to stay humble and agile.


  • 11:00-11.40 Future of Meetings – entering the world of VR-conferences
    First we take Manhattan then we take Berlin – or Zagreb or Monte Carlo or Epicenter Stockholm… Mats Larsson, serial entrepreneur (and eminent producer of Sime at Cirkus and Epicenter) demos an unlimited conference world set in VR, showcasing real examples and best practices. A truly wow-experience, giving a glimpse on what to expect from a hybrid conference arena in at not too distant future.

  • 16.00-16:40 Best of Sime Cinema, Allison Johnson, Legendary Brand Builder and CMO at Apple under Steve Jobs
    There are only a few people who have worked directly under Steve Jobs, and Allison Johnson is one of them. As the former head of global marketing at Apple, 2005–2011, they worked closely together. She coordinated the launches of iPhone and iPad and some of the most iconic products and campaigns of our time. From her talk recorded at Sime 2018 ww will learn why it’s (more than ever) important with authenticity in business, how to find the right balance between quality and speed and why companies should put customers at the center of every single decision.


          AI Commentary Session led by Anna Felländer, co-founder of the AI
Sustainability Center

In the wake of COVID-19, AI promises new smart services and transformational innovation. Parallelly, there are increasing concerns about privacy, surveillance, and ethics. Anna is one of Sweden’s leading experts on the effect of digitalization with a focus on Artificial Intelligence. We will discuss the ethical dimensions of AI and how to ensure data-driven technologies are inclusive, responsible, and transparent.




december 9 (Wednesday) - 11 (Friday)




Epicenter Stockholm Mäster Samuelsgatan 36

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