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What is it?


Energy Growth Lab is a 5-week growth program created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. As a EU funded project driven in collaboration with 6aika Ecosystems for growth project, the program aims to generate new business activities in city regions and support growth oriented companies to better access networks and innovation ecosystems that support their needs. The program is meant for growth hungry startups and scale-ups ready to resolve challenges around energy and smart buildings industries. Joining is free of charge and application is open to all those interested.

During the program, our team of experienced professionals will coach and mentor your team to make your business fly and support you with all the required tools and assets throughout. We promise to help you simplify the rollercoaster of growing your business through immersive learning, mentorship, and peer support. You will learn how to attract startup-friendly corporates during and after the program not only by excellent pitching, but also by understanding the necessary building blocks for a deeper collaboration. And, last but not least, you will join an active community of fellow entrepreneurs and experts from various industries.

At the grand finale event of the growth program is where your team will be matched with corporates, investors and other relevant stakeholders and given the opportunity to pitch your ideas and solutions as well as connect with interesting industry peers.

Is your established startup or scale-up hungry for growth and self-development? Then buckle up and get ready to join. Let our experience in matchmaking and business-building grow your business!

Who is it for?

Energy Growth Lab program is meant for any late-stage startups and scale-ups from energy and smart buildings industries based in Finland. If you have trouble figuring out if you should apply to our program, send us a message to luna(@)epicenterhelsinki.com and let’s talk!


What will you gain?

  • Validate your value proposition: Define your target customer segments and their unique needs, explore their current pains to map opportunities, and identify the right value proposition for each segment.
  • Work with corporates: Build sustainable, strong and successful business relationships with corporates by getting support in matchmaking and by learning how to attract startup-friendly corporates. Map the broader ecosystem around your company, understand the value exchanged between you and your partners, and make decisions about your plans for distribution.
  • Get access to our extensive networks: Connect with top experts in Finland and profit from their expertise and knowledge.
  • Get mentoring and training: Tailored coaching sessions, workshops and mentoring by our senior management as well as internal and external experts from Epicenter and Smart Otaniemi.
  • Be part of a vibrant community: Build lifelong relationships with other founders and professionals while participating in the program.

When and how?

The time is NOW…and we mean it literally! 


All workshops, modules, coaching sessions and events will be held virtually for the time being due to governmental restrictions and guidelines. The founders and teams participating in the program are welcome to work from Epicenter throughout the duration of the program.

Who are we?

About Epicenter:


You are here to grow. We are here to serve. Epicenter is a world-class digital innovation community dedicated to help scale-up companies and corps accelerate their business growth. Located in the buzzing centres of Helsinki, Stockholm and Oslo, Epicenter brings together both local and international entrepreneurs to collaborate and put their best ideas to test. 

About 6Aika ecosystem for growth:


6Aika ecosystems for growth project is EU funded project that aims to generate new business activities in city regions and support growth oriented companies to better access networks and innovation ecosystems that support their needs. Project is a joint effort by the six largest cities in Finland: Helsinki, Espoo, Tampere, Vantaa, Turku and Oulu, together with the Council of Tampere Region. The idea of cities having a significant role in developing and activating networks to support innovation in companies, guides project implementation. The project helps companies and teams to participate in networks and services that support research and product development practices.


The team

Ola Ahlvarsson - Chairman and Co-founder EP Center Holding AB

Ola Ahlvarsson is Co-founder and chairman of entrepreneur and innovations consultancy outfit Result. Since the mid 90’s has been at the cutting edge of digital entrepreneurship as an entrepreneur, investor, though leader and advisor. Apart from being a founder of over 20 companies, Ola is co-founder of Epicenter and has been leading the concept development of Epicenter together with Patrick as well as designed the Epicenter innovation lab product.

Patrick Mesterton - CEO and Co-founder EP Center Holding AB

Patrick Mesterton is CEO and Co-founder of Epicenter Group. Before joining Epicenter as CEO, he served as CEO for Result. Patrick has acted as project manager in setting up all previous Epicenters. He will be leading the project team through the various phases and with the implementation.

Edgar Luczak - Partner EP Center Holding AB

Edgar Luczak is partner of Epicenter and co-founder of Result in ’99 (acquired by Epicenter). He is the perfect “mix” with a successful background as an entrepreneur, line-management experience from leading financial institutions as CEO and SVP, and all built on a solid consulting foundation with Accenture Strategy. The past few years Edgar has returned to Result and Epicenter, where he is heading Epicenter Advisory leading innovation and partner programs, coaching managers, intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs, helping entrepreneurs internationalize and co-creating ventures with corporates.

Jack Melcher-Claësson - Startup coach, Advisor, Speaker & Moderator EP Center Holding AB

Jack Melcher-Claësson is a serial entrepreneur with a total of 6 companies that he’s been a part of starting and operating for the past 20 years. Today Jack runs Epicenter Accelerate, a structured program providing selected startups with unfair advantages to become scaleups. Epicenter Accelerate runs in various cohorts together with different partners like Microsoft for Startups & Google for Startups. During 2020 Jack was also the driving force behind a special cohort of the Accelerate Program, tailored to help South Korean Startups to go global with Epicenter and Stockholm as a springboard, a project in close partnership with KStartup Center.

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