Jan 11, 2021

Does business competitiveness rely on individual’s capability to lead emotions or will AI manage it all?

Leading with emotions has been the it word for some time, but nevertheless, its importance is not going to vanish, even if AI is taking huge leaps in every direction. On the contrary, emotions are directly needed in 2021, when leading has been shifted to virtual channels and face-to-face interaction has been scarce, says Epicenter’s Fireside chat guest, forerunner of emotional l...
Nov 18, 2020

The secret recipe to modern sales is here

During recent months, companies have been forced to make drastic changes to their operations. The value your business provided yesterday might be irrelevant today, and how you communicate might need to be tweaked. As the world changes, companies adapt, and you might find yourself contemplating: How can I leverage a multichannel approach to sales? What can I do to maximise sales? What are ...
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