Dash Retail Consulting is a strategic consultancy that helps brands to sell more successfully on the Amazon retail platforms globally. The company provides service for clients across the whole of Western Europe. 

Dash Retail has client service and top-level consulting teams in each market, while our talented specialists in Helsinki handle the heavy-lifting and technical aspects. Every client enjoys the benefits of outstanding client service and strong local expertise, combined with a highly skilled team.

“Amazon will always keep innovating and to Dash Retail this means that we have to constantly be ready to innovate new ways of working with them. It is important to keep pace with developments”, says the founder of Dash Retail, Markus Varsikko.

Dash Retail has been an Epicenter member since summer 2020.

“Our specialists in Helsinki are enjoying the inspiring vibe at Epicenter. This community based house of innovation adds energy to every company under its roof and we are pleased to call many of our office neighbors our friends”, Varsikko says.

Read more about Dash Retail Consulting from their website or connect on LinkedIn.

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