How to work efficient from home?

In times when working from home is the new normal, what measures should we do to make sure efficiency runs as normal? Even when the dining room table makes the new office? Here are five simple, yet effective advice to get there!

1. Create a schedule

When the distance you walk from breakfast to work desk is below five meters, it is easy to get out of your daily routine. That’s why it is important to create new ones, rather than trying to keep the old ones. Figure out what works best for you in your work situation and your set agenda of the day. Maybe a longer lunch break with scheduled time to wash that upper kitchen cabinet you never use, is better than trying to tell yourself you don’t need to do it? Plan your work, and work your plan!

2. Find your work area

Working from the sofa might work for some of you. However many want’s to have more of an office space to make sure you stay focused. If you need to work from home office for a while, make sure to create a dedicated work area. That will help you ‘go to the office’ in the morning. And even more important, it will make you log of once you leave your work area. That way, you can have a home and an office, while on home office.

3. Schedule video calls

In times when some of us might feel extra alone, it is important to keep up the pace and create good online meeting points. Make sure to schedule short video meetings with your entire team and colleagues. That way you know what everyone is up to, and you might even get some motivation through knowing that everyone else is working. And so should you!

4. Make sure to move

Walking five meters to your home office for sure reduces your daily activity. For that reason alone it is more important than ever to move during your day at home. Get out of your house in the morning, and ‘walk over to work’. Schedule a lunch walk in the park, and enjoy some sun. Check out our online training programs, while your gym is closed. Maybe this is the time to start running again? What you do is not whats important. But you should do something! Just do it!

5. Find your focus zone

Don’t leave the TV on in the background, or listen to your favorite podcast while you work. Unless that boosts your creativity, it will just make you less concentrated and your day less effective. Figure out how you work best. Maybe it’s classical music on the stereo, or simply an open window and the sound of the buzz outside?

Make sure to get a new normal on all aspects of your day. Anything from activity, food, drinks and work!

The most important to consider when you work from home is all in all to:

  • Create a schedule for your new normal.
  • Create a dedicated work area.
  • Create a meeting schedule to keep updated.
  • Create a plan to move and stay active.
  • Create your own focus zone.

Plan your work, and work your plan!

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