Apr 14, 2020

The Digital Lord of the Flies

In the 1954 classic novel “Lord of the Flies”, William Goldling tells the story of a group of boys, stranded on an island, attempting to govern themselves in their pursuit to establish some form of civilization. The themes of the book, centering around conflicting impulses of harmony and disorder and emotional and rational reactions, I think, resonate quite well with our current times. Over...
Mar 25, 2020

Staying healthy while working from home

Many of you are working from home now. The Corona virus is holding us captured and has changed many of our daily routines. Staying healthy in these times is very important. Therefor, we're super grateful that our members from CLEAR took time to share 6 tips on how to stay healthy with us! Be aware of what you eat. Eat as many fresh foods as possible and avoid foods that trigger high blood ...
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