Sep 9, 2020

Lifehack: How to save your business with massive media attention and traffic?

lifehack Written by Mark Ogertschnig, Lifehackers Agency How to save your business with massive media attention and traffic? within 4 hours and 0 euro budget with this unfair advantage that big brands use. Crisis, it’s here again. We have seen some of them the last decades and we are currently facing one that is unprecedented and unseen before. In all crisis scenarios I have been involved, while ...
Mar 27, 2020

How to do home video conference the right way

Video conferencing can be a lot trickier than one would initially think. It's more than just sitting down in front of your screen and talking, it's all about the light, the audio, and the background setting. But don't fear! Below are 7 excellent tips on how to really get it right, so that your information reaches the audience in the right way. Stay focused, stay creative and stay curious - ...
Mar 24, 2020

Coding school provides the tech industry with new talents

The biggest challenge of the Dutch tech industry is the lack of programmers and developers. Numbers show that an increase of 54 000 programmers and developers are needed by the year 2020. The tech industry has a responsibility and must do more in order to help young people become successful in the field. That is why School of Applied Technology, in 2019 started a unique accelerated career ...
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