The biggest challenge of the Dutch tech industry is the lack of programmers and developers. Numbers show that an increase of 54 000 programmers and developers are needed by the year 2020.

The tech industry has a responsibility and must do more in order to help young people become successful in the field. That is why School of Applied Technology, in 2019 started a unique accelerated career program in collaboration with School of Epicenter in Stockholm. As a result, the Swedish tech industry gained over 100+ new developers last year.

With the success at Salt in Stockholm, Epicenter and Salt took the next step and also opened up in Epicenter Amsterdam. Tom Moran, Senior Sales Director for IT Services & EMEA Sustainability Lead at CenturyLink says:

“Working with Salt enables CenturyLink to reduce our coats and risk in the search for new talent while at the same time accelerating time to market. Their goal of increasing diversity aligns with our focus on sustainability and innovation and makes for a great partnership.”

Diversity has been prominent with 38 percent female participants and 12 different nationalities. The first class in Amsterdam started with 24 developers. After an intense 13-week program focused on grooming super talents to become successful programmers and developers, they will graduate on May 1st, 2020.

The Future of Education

The industry is nourished with new skills where alumni go on working at tech companies like TUI, Klarna and CenturyLink. Not just housing the companies that is changing the way we do business but also opening for new, faster ways, to provide them with talents that help them to grow. Patrick Mesterton, CEO & Co- Epicenter says:

“Epicenter Campus and Salt are redefining how the future of education and talent development is done”

Outside of Holland the challenge is even greater. One million developers are needed in the European tech industry by 2022. School of Applied Technology is the solution to this problem. Robert Brighton, Sales & Business Manager NL says:

“We face a huge talent shortage here in the Netherlands which will only further increase throughout 2020. With Salt we’re trying to solve this problem and at the same time strengthen the domestic workforce. The responses are positive in the Dutch market and we’re growing together with our partners.”


Epicenter and Salt has skilled and professional Full Stack JavaScript developers ready for hire May 1st, 2020. Are you in need of developers? Make sure to let us know! And finally,Go here to find out more about the Epicenter Campus and SALT.

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