Mar 27, 2020

How to do home video conference the right way

Video conferencing can be a lot trickier than one would initially think. It's more than just sitting down in front of your screen and talking, it's all about the light, the audio, and the background setting. But don't fear! Below are 7 excellent tips on how to really get it right, so that your information reaches the audience in the right way. Stay focused, stay creative and stay curious - ...
Mar 25, 2020

Staying healthy while working from home

Many of you are working from home now. The Corona virus is holding us captured and has changed many of our daily routines. Staying healthy in these times is very important. Therefor, we're super grateful that our members from CLEAR took time to share 6 tips on how to stay healthy with us! Be aware of what you eat. Eat as many fresh foods as possible and avoid foods that trigger high blood ...
Mar 24, 2020

Coding school provides the tech industry with new talents

The biggest challenge of the Dutch tech industry is the lack of programmers and developers. Numbers show that an increase of 54 000 programmers and developers are needed by the year 2020. The tech industry has a responsibility and must do more in order to help young people become successful in the field. That is why School of Applied Technology, in 2019 started a unique accelerated career ...
Mar 23, 2020

8 Tips to build trust in your team

Karing zingmark: how to build trust in teams Why is change so stressful? And why do a million people working here in Sweden feel uncomfortable at work? In her recent lunchtime masterclass at Epicenter Stockholm, renowned business writer and speaker Karin Zingmark explained how it all comes down to trust – or a lack of. In these very unique times, when the entire working environment changed just over night – this is more relevant than eve...
Mar 23, 2020

How are different industries affected by Corona?

For this article, we’ve talked to some of the brilliant Epicenter members and friends to get a better picture of the situation in their respective industry. Future scenarios, current status, as well as tips on how to move forward will be touched upon. For example cryptocurrencies drops of over 50 % and an increased need for digital tools in the real estate industry. What’s happening within ...
Mar 20, 2020

How to survive Corona as a startup

The outbreak of the Coronavirus has not exactly been good news for startup companies across the world. These are difficult times and the upcoming weeks and months will tell us more about which businesses will make it. Many startups find themselves in the midst of a defining moment and what they choose to do, or not do will have a huge impact on their future. Within the Epicenter community,...
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